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"It may be that every sensible idea has already been conceived seven times. But if it is reflected on again, at another time and under different circumstances, it is no longer the same idea."

- Ernest Bloch


Welcome to the e-portfolio of Dr. Lisa Marie Blaschke....


  Dr. Lisa Marie Blaschke offers learning services in hyflex and online learning design, development, and project management. Lisa Marie has over 30 years experience working within international corporate environments, leading and implementing global knowledge management and training solutions, as well as program and curriculum development and management within the higher education and K-12 segments.   Lisa Marie was previously the program lead of the online Home Hub at Learnlife, as well as the programme director of the Management of Technology Enhanced Learning master’s programme at the Center for Lifelong Learning at University of Oldenburg, Germany. She was also a senior researcher at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg in Heilbronn. Lisa Marie is a former executive committee member and vice-president of the European Distance Education and E-Learning Network (EDEN), a Senior EDEN Fellow, and a past Chair of the Board of the EDEN Fellows Council. She is a former adjunct associate professor at the University of Maryland University College, where she received the Stanley J. Drazek Award for Teaching Excellence in 2016. Lisa Marie has a BS in Technical Communication, and two master’s degrees (MDE, MBA), and a PhD. Her research interests are primarily within the areas of heutagogy (self-determined learning), online collaborative learning, and meaningful application of web 2.0 technology.   Specialties: Project management (global and local), online, blended and hyflex learning, distance education, e-learning design and development, communications design and development, technical writing


To learn more about my academic and professional experience, as well as to view my most recent publications, please click on the links in the side bar to your right. And if you have any questions, please be sure to contact me.

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